Master DJ Course

Length of Course: 12 weeks

Number of Classes: 12

Class Duration: 2 hours

Prerequisite: Intermediate DJ Course

Course Description:

Focusing on contemporary technological innovations in DJ practice, this course builds towards virtuosity on multiple platforms. Taking a hybrid approach, students will learn to combine the latest DJ software, such as Traktor and Serato, with mixers, turntables, CDJs, and controllers.


We will explore adding FX and nuances to your DJ sets to give you the edge on the dancefloor. This course will also explore how to integrate DAWs, like Ableton Live, into your stage performance. You will work on creating mash-ups and remixes that creatively re-imagine classics and modern sounds.


Students will be guided by professional experts in the field and build towards real-world goals in the field of electronic music performance and composition.

Powered by Serato and Tracktor, students will have an opportunity to mix and match equipment from turntables to the latest software and hardware interfaces.


Topics to be discussed:

  • New technologies and how the DJ is changing
  • Using Traktor and Serato interface with turntables or CDJs
  • Adding FX for your DJ sets (DJM900, XOne 92, Pioneer RMX 1000, Roland DD7, Kontrol X1MK2, Kontrol D2, Allen & Heath K2)
  • Adding Ableton Live to your sets (drums, samplers and synths)
  • Working with external devices
  • Harmonic mixing, creating mash-ups & remixes
  • Practice and test!


Equipment: (Note: All equipment is provided for students during class hours.)

Students will work with a combination of turntables and CDJs.