Introductory Pilot Course

Number of Classes: 30

Time for Classes: 2 hours

Class Day: Tuesday

Week 1:  Introduction: History and Art of DJ’ing

Equipment Overview and Setup


Week 2:  Basic Song Structure, BPM, Time Signature

Review of Serato Software and Features


Week 3:  Searching and Compiling Music and Song Selection

Different Music and Genres


Week 4:  Dropping on the “1”, Beatmatching

Q/A  Review of week 1 – 3


Week 5:   Blending 2 Tracks

Harmonic Mixing, How to use the Camelot Chart


Week 6:   Loops- How to Create them: Analog and Digital

Use of Cue Point

Equalization, Filters and Effects


Week 7:  Transitions: 5 different approaches

Review of Previous Lessons


Week 8:   Constructing and Rehearsing a Set

Mixing Using Different Setups and Components


Part 2

Building on the first 8 weeks, students will expand their knowledge of DJ practices and principles.  By having the fundamentals of dj’ing and the historical context, students will learn more advanced ways in which to creatively use and combine various DJ techniques.


Week 9:    Basic Scratches- Introduction

Basic Beat Juggling – Introduction


Week 10:  Continue Basic Scratch Baby Scratch and Transformer

Beat Juggling  8 Bar, 4 Bar, 2 Bar, 1 Bar


Week 11:  “Putting it all together,” Shaping the Set and Reading the Crowd



Week 12:       Practice


Week 13:       Practice


Week 14:    Marketing Techniques and Promotion, Branding and How to Use Social Media



Week 15:   Performance by students


Spin Inc. (SI) is dedicated to students who are interested in learning the fundamentals of DJ’ing and Music Production.  Our curriculum is designed to promote confidence building and teamwork for Detroit youth who are at risk and don’t have access to such programs.  Since 2015, SI has hosted DJ/music production classes at the Detroit Institute of Music Education (DIME Detroit) featuring Juan Atkins (Techno Founder) and Stacey “Hotwaxx” Hale (International DJ/producer).  SI provides free workshops and DJ classes, featuring Serato and Ableton.