Ableton Course

Length of Course: 18 weeks

Number of Classes: 18

Class Duration:  2 hours

Course Description:

This course offers an introduction to Ableton Live, a professional, industry-standard software for electronic music composition and performance. Students will explore the fundamentals of MIDI, including analog and digital recording, in order to create and manipulate a variety of samples and loops.

Grounded in the basics of music theory, this course will examine how to integrate harmonic, rhythmic and melodic material to create original electronic music. Students will learn how to arrange and automate their own music as they explore the basic processes of production through post-production, including mixing and mastering their tracks.

As students become comfortable with the basics of Ableton, we will move to more advanced features, such as FXs, live warping, remixing and (modular) synthesis. Students will compose and remix several original and preexisting tracks, culminating in a final master portfolio of work.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Ableton Live, Audio-MIDI Setup
  • Using Drum Rack and Rhythm patterns
  • Musical theory
  • Introducing harmonic information to Ableton Live, Workshop 1
  • Mounting scenes in Session View
  • Interaction of harmony with rhythmic groove patterns and mechanics
  • Effects 1, Workshop 2
  • Automation in Session Mode and Arrangement Mode
  • Effects 2, Audio Effect Rack and Instruments Rack 9
  • Analog and Digital recording
  • Harmony 2, Workshop 3
  • Advanced features: live warping and remixes
  • Workshop: creating rhythmic patterns with basslines
  • Workshop: creating basslines, rhythmic patterns and synth (harmony and melody)
  • Workshop: creating and assembly
  • Post production / Creating your own track / Mastering


Equipment: (Note: All equipment is provided for students during class hours)

Ableton Push